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New Favorite Restaurant March 28 2017

Was in Austin this weekend...
I haven't been to Jeffreys in years.
A few years ago they renovated it & I've got to tell you
next time you are in A-Town - GO!!!
The decor/ambiance is phenomenal.  Food even better.
Jeffreys of Austin

A Favorite... March 22 2017

Saw this picture this morning and once again it melted my heart
and also made me so sad...such a loss.  Also now having two daughters I 
can't imagine how her parents handled the loss of two children at once.
A absolute true tragedy.

International Women's Day March 08 2017

So I love this picture - probably one of my top 3.
It's my mom holding me...I believe we were on The QE2 & I was 2.
My mom is beautiful - inside and out.
She has raised 4 children.  Took care of my dad when he was
ill for many years.  Was #6 in her real estate company in Houston and
calls to check in regularly.  She's a stud & a survivor after putting up

Missing him... March 02 2017

I went thru a bunch of old pictures today.
I came across this one.  Tears filled my eyes and my heart ached.
I miss my dad so much.  It's weird to be 42 & feel like you are a little girl who truly misses their dad.  I really do.  He was awesome.  If you read this & your parents are still alive - HUG THEM TIGHT! - you'll miss them one day, I promise.

A refrigerator memory... March 02 2017

Sounds corny I know...but this picture brought back the biggest memory.
Traveling from Austin to Dallas with some college friends...
we went to my friend Cameron's house.
I remember hanging out in her kitchen and just staring at her fridge.
It looked just like this and I remember thinking how organized it was.
One day I'm going to have a fridge like this...until then, I'm enjoying the memory 
and this pic!
Organized fridge

Soumaya - Mexico City February 24 2017

If you haven't been to Mexico City lately - GO!
Food, culture, people watching, vibe - it's got it all.
We fell in love with a visit to Museo Soumaya.
Loved the fact that you could see the backside of so many pieces of art.
I found them as beautiful as the front.

Cha. Cha. Cha February 14 2017

Is it steamy in here or is it me??
Love this pic.
Perfect for Valentines Day.

The Nomad February 02 2017

" a person who does not stay long in a certain place"
i'm heading to new york this weekend for market & am psyched.
i've become a huge fan of the nomad hotel on broadway.
it's super cozy, especially in the winter.
check it out next time you are visiting the big apple.

Baskets January 14 2017

Love the idea of using baskets for other things than a basket.
Love them on the wall...
And as this bohemian feel.
Love the space as well.

Old School January 12 2017

Just saw this picture and it stopped me dead in my tracks.
Growing up I was obsessed with Ralph Lauren.
Concho belts.  Wrap skirts.  Bed linens. Florals.
This photo brought me back to the classic Ralph Lauren 
look that for some reason I'm just drawn to.

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