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New Ceramics... February 28 2018, 0 Comments

I LOVE LOVE white ceramics.
My kitchen is full of them.
I think my husband thinks - actually scratch that - I know he knows I'm nuts when
it comes to white ceramics and baskets - I can't get enough of them.
I found these new ceramics and immediately restocked my kitchen.
They have been amazing!!  I've thrown them in my dishwasher and microwave
and they have remained so solid, though they look so delicate.
Hand molded, glazed and fired - these beauties are a must!
You can find them on our website here:

CAM MINISTRIES February 28 2018, 0 Comments

My friend Leslie Morrison turned me onto this organization.
Christian Assistance Ministries.
I really like their mission - they help people in crisis by
providing immediate assistance and encouragement.
Having helped them a handful of times I can testify that they truly do this.
I love and feel the encouragement part.
Knock on wood, I haven't been in a position to need CAM
but someone dear to me has and I've learned that encouragement is
something many of us take for granted and sometimes all we need.
Check them out.

Handmade Inspiration February 23 2018, 0 Comments

I love this photo for so many reasons.
The colors.  The rustic, natural, organic vibe.
But most of all because of the handmade nature
that goes in to making handmade items.
Makes you really appreciate when you see or learn
that an item is handmade.

Lightening Bolt February 22 2018, 0 Comments

I love love love tiny necklaces.
There is something about noticing something but 
having to really look at it.  In other words it 
doesn't scream out at you - but when it catches your eye it 
really catches your eye - you know what I mean?
These tiny diamond and gold necklaces do that.
I've been sporting the lightening bolt and am obsessing.  We have tons
of these delicate, simple necklaces.  Check them out!

Cup of Joe February 08 2018, 0 Comments

I just mentioned a Cup of Joe below in my blog post.
Got me thinking - where does that expression come from?
Well here's a little history for ya!
The Origins of a "Cup of Joe" A “Cup of Joe” is an American nickname for a cup of coffee. ... It was named after the Secretary of the US Navy, Admiral Josephus “Joe” Daniels who abolished wine (or alcohol) on Navy ships in 1914. Thus, coffee (the next best thing) was the beverage of choice for the sailors.Jul 11, 2012

Brene Brown February 08 2018, 0 Comments

So I love to analyze life.  I mean grab
me a cup of joe or a glass of red vino & a good 
friend and bam - I could analyze for hours.
Two Words for you - Brene Brown.
At our church - St. Marks Episcopal Church Downtown - 
The Rev. Matt Wise had a class on Brene Brown and her wisdom.
Holy Cow - I am hooked.
I'm hooked because she is so real & I love/admire how she approaches life.
I'm pretty much sick of the BS that surrounds us.
I'm turning further away from it & surrounding myself with more
authentic, supportive, true connection friendships.  It feels amazing!!!
I just started reading this book thanks to my friend Becky Cerroni
(who is the owner of JoyRide Cycling - if you haven't been go!)
The book is called Rising Strong
Check it out here:
Hope you get a chance to check it out!

Color and Stripes February 02 2018, 0 Comments

I'm not a huge color person.
BUT these Bolivian blankets just speak to me.
Mix them with solids, especially white and bam
you've created such a perfect pop.
We just got a bunch in - check them out on our website.

TED February 01 2018, 0 Comments

Do you ever listen to TED Talks - if you don't - start!
I have an app on my phone and listen during a workout, on a road trip, etc Makes the time go by and you can usually learn something new as well.
So this morning I stumbled on 
"The gift and power of emotional courage"
Check it out here.
I think what stood out the most is the reminder that
discomfort is ok.  In fact it is healthy and essential to having growth and meaning in life.
It's hard to "be in" discomfort - I think our natural reaction is to run from it.
But after listening to this I was reminded that if you can sit and 
learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable
there is a power that can come from it.
Anyway, enough analyzing.  Hope you can find the time to listen!

Difficult Times January 25 2018, 0 Comments

Life is funny.  Or maybe not funny but can catch you off guard.
I've been caught off guard.
Where do you turn when you are caught off guard in life?
Friends, God, Family, Exercise, Meditation...?
I've learned that God, Family and Friends are what help me.
I'm seeing that God presents blessings all around you,
but you have to be willing to see them.
I was staring at a tree today and saw this tiny bird (maybe a Tiny Finch ?:) - just joking.
And I interpreted it as a reminder that God is right here beside us.
Family and Friends are amazing listeners and help hold you up when you are falling down.
If you are reading this and have been caught off guard recently I hope
you have places you can turn - don't try to do it alone.  
This song has such great advice too!

West Texas January 09 2018, 1 Comment

We usually go out to West Texas for New Years.
We've been doing this for over 15 years - we started when
we were dating, then when we were married without kids and 
now we take the girls with us.
A night of camping followed by two nights at The Gage Hotel or a home rental.
It truly fills my bucket.  I didn't want to come back this time. 
If you've never been - check it out - there's no place like it.

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