16 Years

November 23, 2019

Celebrated 16 years with the hubby last night.
We went to The Cookhouse (one of our favs if you haven't been).
They have amazing food and live jazz Thursday - Saturday.
Anyway we came home and watched our wedding video with our kiddos.
First of all can you say aged?? We look like pups!
The girls were laughing.  
The homily that night I have always remembered.
Rev. Fikes said he "granted us an imperfect marriage" - one that is
constantly evolving - not something you get to and stop - but one that 
you are constantly working on. 
I do feel like that was a perfect grant so to speak.
Because to me marriage is something that is constantly changing - because of the state of things around you.  Kids, work, home, etc.
I think that phrase can be applied to general life as well.
Life is imperfect - I once heard you need to find the perfection in the imperfections.
There are little silver linings everywhere - you just have to be willing to focus your 
eyes in the right direction.

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