7th Grade September 13 2018, 1 Comment

We have a middle schooler in our home right now.
A daughter who is about to turn 13.
And everything I've heard about what goes on in 7th grade is happening.
It's been labeled as "drama" but I see it differently.
Rollercoaster is probably better.
Truly - one day, one hour is up and the other is down.
A best friend one day, an enemy the next.
It's nuts.
Our message is "Be Switzerland".  Just be neutral. Don't get caught up in it all.
But yesterday it occurred to me that emotionally
she might not be able to at this point.
I mean I'm 43 and I still struggle with my emotions at times.
I think all the emotions - frustration, intimidation, anger, jealousy -
they throw her off.
They can throw us all off - right?
It's hard to label sometimes what we feel.
But we are trying to teach her to label the feelings so then you can deal with it.
If you can try to identify where it derived from, it might be easier to walk thru.
In other words - respond, not react.
But I think we have a lonnnggg way to go. 
Curious, what works for you?