About The Tiny Finch February 06 2016

My Dad always said that material things can't make you truly happy.  I definitely agree with this in most cases - you can't snuggle up to a Tahitian pearl necklace or a Moroccan rug.  When you need advice or a hug, a linen blanket or letterpress card can't reciprocate.  HOWEVER, I must say that some things in life stir up a curiosity, a smile, a "holy cow, I've got to have this" factor. I believe this is the second tier to the definition of happiness.  True happiness comes from relationships, a sunrise, a good cup of joe on a Sunday morning.  "Tier 2" happiness, for me, comes from the inspiration and discovery of textiles, colors and patterns that derive from material things.  Thus the birth of the littlest bird in town, The Tiny Finch.

Created in September of 2013 my store is a happy place for me and I hope for others.  I love walking in and smelling our bamboo candles by Nest.  Hearing Van Morrison or Norah Jones comforts me and I hope soothes you.  It might take you a loop or two to soak in all that is displayed in this 1000 square foot space but it's worth it.  Enjoy this little jewel, stroll, browse, (hopefully buy :) and maybe you'll walk away with some happiness, whichever tier it falls on for you.