911 February 07 2019, 1 Comment

I stood looking up at all the faces.
I'd been in this room before but being
there with my daughters was different.
Probably because I was watching the realization of
them seeing, absorbing that evil does exist &
effects people who are just living.
Living their lives like we all are.
Working. Getting on a plane to take a trip.
Walking.  Maybe stopping for a cup of
coffee only to be "spared".
I'm referring to the 911 Tribute Museum in NYC
& specifically the room that has pictures of all the
victims from that horrific day.
One of the things that is hard about being a parent, for me, is
slowly opening the door to "the real world" for my girls.
You want to protect them, shield them from the bad & the ugly.
But the truth of the matter is, it's part of this world & part of life.
And if they are going to learn about it, see it, I'd rather them
be with us when they do, especially at this age, so we 
can talk about it.
If you are going to NY soon - go by this museum.  
It's heavy, but in my opinion necessary to see.