A God Wink

December 03, 2018

We were recently in California & our friends
asked if my hubby wanted to swim in the ocean one morning.
My friends husband is an avid exerciser & had 
really gotten into swimming in the open water as of recent.
John was a little hesitant as it was the Pacific & shark sitings
were common but he decided to go for it.
He put on his wet suit & was waiting in the water about waist
deep for our friend.
Then he noticed it.  Not a shark but a seal.  A big seal.
It startled him but he didn't panic.
He remained still and just observed.
He was telling this story to another friend this weekend.
He was explaining how the seal looked at him and John at it.
John said it was an unnerving but also peaceful moment.
He had one of those moments where he felt that he was just a dot in
this world - that there was so much more out there.
Here was this seal who had a whole separate world of it's own.
They eyed eachother and will never see eachother again.
Yet, they both were existing in the same world.
As he told his friend this story his friend said - 
"sounded like a God wink".
I think that's exactly what it was.
The winks are there all the time I bet - we just have to 
be willing to see them.
To me it's such a comforting thought.
Hope it is to you too!

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