A Room Diffuser????

July 24, 2018

Ok I must admit I was skeptical about carrying
a diffuser that costs $155 in my store.
BUT HOLY SH++ It is so worth it.
I can't explain it.
A) The smell is insanely good. 
Depending on the fragrance of your choice
(mine is Rosas Frescas)
it somehow plucks you away from where you are into another world
and I'm being sincere when I say that - not salesy.
B) The packaging is beautiful - simple and elegant.
The glass container thick and boxy.
C) It really does last a while...I have three dispersed around my house
for the last 3 -4 months and I easily have another couple of months of oil
left in each.  Just make sure and keep them away from any heat source as it evaporates the oil.
We've sold out a few times already and they take forever to restock
so next time you're in - check them out!

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