Already missing it...

March 06, 2019

We got in the car and he said:
"I'm already missing them"
but there they were ... doing homework...
one with headphones on, the other fresh out of the shower
with wet hair and her signature camo shorts...
but I knew what he meant.
It’s going by fast, relllyyyyy fast.
And my husband was referring to the day
when our daughters will be off, doing their thing.
So many times we wish we could hit pause, but 
life doesn’t work that way.
I think sometimes that “grieving” feeling we get
from something that we haven’t yet lost 
allows us to hang on tighter and enjoy the moments 
a bit more...
Carpe Diem , right??

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Karla Toye
Karla Toye

June 22, 2019

Same thoughts swirling through my head for several years but now coming to life. My sweet one is turning 16 in 10 days and time is passing too quickly. Bitter sweet and my heart is raw and tender.

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