Another God Wink... September 11 2019, 0 Comments

I find parenting difficult.
I think it's difficult for me because I often feel 
two consistent things - 
1) That I am the only one experiencing the things
I experience
2) And fear enters my mind and I can go from A to Z.
A few days ago I was experiencing those
two thoughts over and over.  
(I have a severe case of OCD so my thoughts can get 
stuck on a "record player" and
repeat themselves until I find a way to snap out of it)
Anyway, my phone rang and it was one of my best friends from growing
up in Houston.  She is still in Houston and raising kiddos of her own.
She asked if I could talk and by the tone in her voice I knew it was more of 
can I listen than talk.  
It was the craziest thing - EVERYTHING she was venting about was 
exactly what I was mentally obsessing about - literally every last bit.
It was nuts!
It came to my attention after our conversation that the phone call was a
"God Wink" for me...a reminder that we all have 
more in common than we probably realize and we're not alone.
Really grateful for that.