Art Obsession April 23 2019, 0 Comments

So I'm literally obsessing - I mean
4-6 hours a day obsessing over a photograph
I saw in Round Top a few weeks ago.
I haven't pulled the trigger for one simple reason - 
cost.  It is priiiccceeeey and my husband would kill me.
I've been trying to figure out how to go around him 
but after thinking/obsessing about this for a few days, my guilty
conscious kicked in and I realized that wasn't the right way to go about it -
so I passed.
Once I sent the email saying thank you but I better pass, I felt a little
relieved, but I was still a bit morose.
Until I came across this quote from a decorator and I felt like it was God's 
way of reminding me I did the right thing...


"It never pays to fall in love with an item that breaks your budget: “I know from experience: There’s always going to be another find that makes you equally happy.”