Brene Brown February 08 2018, 0 Comments

So I love to analyze life.  I mean grab
me a cup of joe or a glass of red vino & a good 
friend and bam - I could analyze for hours.
Two Words for you - Brene Brown.
At our church - St. Marks Episcopal Church Downtown - 
The Rev. Matt Wise had a class on Brene Brown and her wisdom.
Holy Cow - I am hooked.
I'm hooked because she is so real & I love/admire how she approaches life.
I'm pretty much sick of the BS that surrounds us.
I'm turning further away from it & surrounding myself with more
authentic, supportive, true connection friendships.  It feels amazing!!!
I just started reading this book thanks to my friend Becky Cerroni
(who is the owner of JoyRide Cycling - if you haven't been go!)
The book is called Rising Strong
Check it out here:
Hope you get a chance to check it out!