September 04, 2019

So I was chatting with my friend Belinda
(who by the way has a new website - it's killer
check it out here...
And we were talking about kiddos and what not
and the conversation turned to our relationship with our kiddos.
I think what is hard about relationships - just in general - is 
that they are compromises for the most part.
Compromise ... such a great word if you really think about it.
Here is the definition:
An agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by
each side making concessions.
So does that mean if you are selfish or like things a certain way
then connecting or growing in a relationship is harder for you than for others?
I feel like parenting for me is teaching my daughters things to prepare them
for the day when they "fly from the nest".  That is usually a one sided action -
(in an ideal world if they are robots and listen without arguing.)
But they are not robots and there are rubs a lot of the time (at least for us)
and I'm just trying to figure out is that because they are wanting or 
needing to compromise so that they too can grow within our relationship?
I don't it about control?  Is it about truly connecting?
Or is the compromise just a one side for me right now because they are 
children.  I don't know - I just know that parenting is harder than I thought
it would be.

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