August 23, 2019

A friend named Katie came by the store yesterday
and we always seem to get into the best/deepest convos.
She said something that I thought about all afternoon - 
We were talking about authentic connection between two people &
how as you get older you just loose interest or desire to invest
in relationships that don't work for you & she said
something like "but what if you would connect but you don't take the time to".
It got me thinking (shockkkerrrr) and I realized you just can't connect with
everyone you want to.  If you tried to or I guess if I tried to I'd be
stretched too thin and it would take time away from the 
things that were already established in my life that I need to
focus on and spend my time on - God, Family, my existing friendships, work
hobbies, etc.
It's a bummer in so many ways, but it is also freeing knowing that it is Ok
to let things go and not put pressure on yourself to do more than
you are capable of doing.
Maybe we are meant to connect with people on all different levels --
I think we are.
And some get more of our time than others - but ultimately it's 
about what works for you and the balance you need to 
live a full life.  

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