November 29, 2018

Our teenager is going thru 7th grade.
We've always heard about "7th Grade".
And most of it is true.
It's such a roller coaster - circle of friends seem
to change often & it's been hard to watch.
I read a book awhile back called Untangled
it described what is going on to a T.
BUT again, how do you learn to deal with people?
You learn by going thru UPS and DOWNS.
That's maybe not the only way, but that is a
big part of it in my opinion.
With this weeks "downs" our message has been
"you can't control others, but you can control yourself".
Easy to say, but hard to do.
But man, if I had learned that at 13 it would have saved
me a lot of grief in the years to follow.
So in the meantime, I don't know if it will stick
but we will keep trying to reiterate the message.
The irony in all this is the mom in me wants to be able to control
her feelings for her, but I can't.  And deep down I know I shouldn't.
All I can do is control what I do and hope she learns the same.

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