Difficult Times January 25 2018, 0 Comments

Life is funny.  Or maybe not funny but can catch you off guard.
I've been caught off guard.
Where do you turn when you are caught off guard in life?
Friends, God, Family, Exercise, Meditation...?
I've learned that God, Family and Friends are what help me.
I'm seeing that God presents blessings all around you,
but you have to be willing to see them.
I was staring at a tree today and saw this tiny bird (maybe a Tiny Finch ?:) - just joking.
And I interpreted it as a reminder that God is right here beside us.
Family and Friends are amazing listeners and help hold you up when you are falling down.
If you are reading this and have been caught off guard recently I hope
you have places you can turn - don't try to do it alone.  
This song has such great advice too!