Discipline July 24 2018, 1 Comment

Was in LA this week and went on a beach jog
(which kicked my rear by the way...what is it about jogging or walking 
in the sand??)
Jogging lets me clear my head.
It's where alot of my "ah ha!" moments come into place.
Yesterdays moment was about discipline.
I was thinking about motherhood & if I'm teaching my kids
the right things, teaching them enough and blah blah blah.
I then had this thought...if I could teach them one solid lesson besides kindness
what would it be?
And discipline popped into my head.
Discipline with faith.
Discipline with school.
Discipline with their chores.
Discipline with their health.
Discipline with their minds.
Discipline with their friendships.
I feel like the older I'm getting the more I realize
how much discipline has led to the positive aspects of life.
At times, while you're in it, it doesn't always seem that way
but, has there ever been a time when you haven't seen discipline pay off
in one way or another????
I don't think so...