Empty Cup

February 26, 2019

She walked into the house & I just knew.
She needed an ear.
The eyes welled up and she started to talk.
I just listened. And listened.
I knew just to listen & say little because I had been there before.
LOTS of times.
Isn't that funny how God does that.
He allows you to be full so you can help a friend that is feeling empty.
And that is what we talked about.
She cried because her cup was empty.  100% empty.
Her husband had been out of town for a week. 
She worked full time.  There were sports, pets, dinner, a home.
Oh yeah, and then the role of just being a mom.
She kept apologizing, saying that there were bigger problems in the world.
Yes, there are.  But this is her world and her problems.  And they 
are just as real and just as important.
We go. We go and we go.
I say we, because I'm right in that.
We give, we give and we give as we go.
I say we, because I'm right in that.
And then we crash.  
We've all been there - we'll be there again.
I just thank God for being able to lean on him.
And of course lean on friends.
Get it out ladies.  Vent.  Validate.
And please, be kind to yourselves.
As the saying goes...

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