Exposure September 21 2018, 0 Comments

Ok people, going deep these days.
But it's such a good release for me!!
So it's been one of those weeks that you literally look
back on and ask yourself...how did I get thru it??
Physically, emotionally, hungoverly (just one morning), little sleep (just one night)
one of those weeks.  
Anyway I was talking to a friend about heartache for her child.
Not a boy heartache - but a friendship heartache.
And what we were realizing is that they have to go thru it - period.
It sucks - 1000% watching, listening to it.  
At times you want to intervene.  You want to talk to a child that has
been mean to yours but then you realize you can't.   But you reallllyy want to.
You have to sit back - guide and listen to them -
and then let the cards fall as they may.
It's called exposure.  They HAVE to get exposed to all of this.
It's also known as going thru the swamp - not around it.
When the girls were little I read all the parenting books - maybe not all, as I would 
fall asleep thru half of them and never complete it.  But several.
They made reference to "the secret to success is thru failure"
"The blessing of a skinned knee creates grit."
"It's about the journey, not the destination."
And on and on.
It was so easy analyzing this with friends over coffee and wine.
But now it's really happening -  we are watching and as prepared as we might
have thought we were 8 years ago - we're not.
And I imagine if you have older kiddos you are smiling thinking - ohhh just you wait.
I know there is more to come and the skin is slowly toughening.  I can feel it.
But damn it's hard.
I'm just thankful for God and friends.
And parenting books.
And therapists.
And my patient, sane spouse.
And coffee and wine.
Lotsssss of coffee and wine.