October 21, 2019

So I just got off the phone with one of my best friends.
If you saw this woman in action you would be amazed.
She is that woman that goes above and beyond with everything.
Her kiddos. Her friends. Her home. Her work. Her hobbies. 
And she was talking about how she felt like she was failing at motherhood.
I totally know that feeling as I feel it often as well.
Why are we so hard on ourselves???
Was the generation of women before us the same and the generation before that?
I don't think I know one woman right now that is like "all is good - we are rocking and rolling and life is good"
Most women I talk to struggle.  Feeling like they are missing the mark.
But isn't missing the mark the same thing as being on a journey?
You know that saying - life is a journey not a destination?
If we felt like we had succeeded then we would be at our destination
and not still in the journey.
Maybe instead of labeling it as failing we can shift our perspective
and see it as I'm trying and will continue to try because this whole 
experience in front of us is full of ups and downs.
When you travel and your plane is delayed your trip hasn't failed right?
(Well I guess unless you miss a flight and then don't get to go)
But let's assume that doesn't happen and that the flight is just delayed.
You eventually get on the plane and arrive at your destination.
It was just a bump in the road - it was part of the journey to get to where you were going.
I wish we weren't so hard on ourselves....

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