December 06, 2019

It's a beautiful day out - windows are open
and my Sonos is in full force.
I was cleaning (shocker!)
And James Taylor's song - Fire & Rain came on.
I was listening and singing - just going thru the motions.
Then my heart dropped - 
"But I always thought I'd see you again"
I've known for as long as I've heard this song what it is about.
It's heartbreaking - especially because this is a musicians way of 
moving thru pain - moving forward from a tragedy in his life.
I'm in awe at how musicians put their hearts out there and then sing - countless times about the personal, difficult, struggles they have endured.
Reminds me also of George Straits song - Baby Blue.
But for some reason this one particular line stood out today...
We assume we will see everyone again - right? 
Unless you are on your death bed - you go your separate ways &
assume you'll come back together.
You can't live in fear that you won't see loved ones again but we can
make the most of the time with them...right?
I think songs are so powerful and such a gift if you can stop and really listen because most of the time (unless it's this junk my girls listen to about G wagons and what not)
But most of the time there are life lessons, reminders,
stories that we can all benefit from -
most of the time it seems that they always point to one word -  LOVE.

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