Free but not July 11 2018, 0 Comments

I have a brother in prison.
Not because he is violent or a bad guy but because he got into drugs.
It sucks.
But , he had a million chances to avoid where he currently resides.
We write eachother often and I've gone to see him twice.
Now that's a hell of an experience!
I opened a letter from him this morning and it was an article
from the paper.  The Lifestyle section - featuring a bungalow that had
been fixed up.  It showed the before and after pictures.
At the top of the article was a "xoxo - Chase".
Chase is my brothers name.
I just shook my head and laughed when I got this.
Life in prison, as Chase tells me,  is mundane. 
If you don't make an effort to "live" Chase said you'll rot. 
I hate that word but I get what he means.
He has a routine.  
Wakes up, reads Jesus Calling, makes coffee and reads. 
He is the one who recommended the book I am now reading that is insane - 
He mixes up his routine with getting outside and exercising a few times a week.
Plus, he has a "class" called Changes that prepares inmates for the changes
that he'll experience once he is released. 
He says it's a complete waste of time.
He also said something to me that always sticks out in my mind - 
He said "Court, even though I'm in prison, I've never been so free".
Why is life so hard at times?
Or is it just harder for some and not others?
Why is it that some have the tools, grit and endurance to persevere?
And others numb because they don't.
I don't have the answers.
I'm just glad my brother is sober and ironically free in prison.