March 14, 2020

Love our home.
It's warm.  It's lived in.  It's home.
BUT when all 4 of us are in here for long periods 
of time it can get tight.  Moods can shift & selfishly 
I want everyone out.  BUT with the advice of staying
put for the next few weeks it looks like everyone is staying put.
So I have one of two choices.  
1) Get angry and annoyed when it starts getting tight
2) Make the best of it & try to get creative
So I decided this morning even though my tendency is #1, 
Kind of excited to sew, craft,  clean, organize, cook (if there is any food left), nap, watch some good movies, sit on the front porch & read - in other words, get back down to the Little House On The Prairie days - right?  Could be fun!

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