November 01, 2018

I was with my sister, hubby & brother in law
this past weekend.  
They are older than us & their daughters are right ahead
of our daughters.
We talked about so much - but
we got into a particular conversation at dinner about JOY.
And finding JOY.
And how hard it is to continually, daily & in your routine
to find JOY.
What we unfolded that night was JOY takes effort.
It's like that saying my friend told me along time ago
"in order to be interesting Court, you need to be interested"
So in other words maybe the old saying is correct...
"The more you put in, the more you get out...?"
I've been trying to make an effort with JOY since returning from last weekend
Turning on jazz in the morning while the girls are getting ready for school
(yes, eyes roll, but I don't care - it sets a positive tone, & creates JOY)
Smiling at strangers more
Praying, talking to God throughout the day
Saying yes instead of no
These are just a few, but JOY feels good.
How do you find JOY?
Give it a go!

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