Juice Box October 25 2018, 0 Comments

Sooooo I lost it the other night.
I mean - lost it.
I threw a juice box against the wall in our kitchen.
And I wasn't by myself.
The whole family was with me.  Watching me. 
I'm kind of embarrassed to even admit it, but I'm hoping
by writing it out it will help me forgive myself.
At first I didn't know why I did it. I just reacted, not responded to 
a situation that arose in our kitchen that night.
Once I calmed down I realized what I did and was doing during that moment.
I was scared.  I reacted out of fear.
So then as my good, wise friend Annie taught me - turn a negative moment
into a teachable moment.
So the next morning I apologized & tried to explain the best I could
what had happened & what I could have done differently.
You see, I wish I wasn't an explosive person, but I just am.
It's also what makes me passionate & creative...I think.
Or at least that is what I tell myself :)
Anyway, for those of you reading that have done something 
recently you are not proud of... I hope you will remember this
juice box story & forgive yourself.
And possibly turn it into a teachable moment :)