Just be you... June 27 2019, 0 Comments

So the conversation came up recently about 
"just being you".  
You know...you're going thru one of those periods in life
where you question things, feel "off" and one of your friends
says - just be yourself.
Well I was talking to my daughter the other day and she asked me a question and I  said "just be you".
And she said "how?"
It wasn't as easy to answer as I thought it would be.
I kind of stumbled and said all the things you expect to hear - 
"Well, what do you like to do?  What interests you?  What songs do you like"
What feels comfortable ... etc, etc, etc.
And it got me thinking (shockerrrr) I've got to stop thinking so much.
But anyway, it got me thinking - just be you is something that takes time.
And it changes, right? 
It's not a do A, do B and do C and bam - you are you.
So many analogies take me back to the ocean recently.
You've got calm days.  You've got stormy days.
Days with waves and wind.  And days of stillness.
You've got deep water, shallow water, dark water and clear water.
But you're still the ocean regardless of the conditions around you.
I think being a person is like being an ocean.
Getting to know yourself is knowing how to feel and respond
 to all that mother nature has in store for you.
So maybe if some relationships are like storms to you - they feel like storms 
to you - you steer your way towards calmer seas.
Or if you find yourself in darker water you know that you'd rather
find clearer water so you can jump in, swim and explore.
I don't know...but for now I'm going to jump in the ocean 
with her and try to help her learn.