Kristin February 14 2019, 0 Comments

I got news yesterday that a truly lovely person
that I barely knew passed away.
She was too young.
Too beautiful inside and out.
I cried.  That deep cry that stings your eyes.
Though I didn't know her that well, I knew
enough that my heart broke.
She had a son. A husband. And a mother.
The later part, her mother, is what I think I cried for more.
Not for an unsympathetic reason towards the rest of her family,
but because I guess I am a mother of daughters & it hit home.
And I truly, truly can't imagine.
I met Kristin and her mom at the same time.
What I remember most was how in sync they were with eachother.
You could tell they were not only related but they
liked eachother too..
Right? I mean just because you are related doesn't mean
you will love that person.They loved eachother. 
And probably what I saw was that they really liked
eachother too.
This is the part of life - one of the parts - that I have a hard time with.
Why, why, why?
I know there must be a reason, but sometimes it seems so unfair.
Rest in peace Kristin.
You will be missed.