Last Night

October 29, 2019

 I went to a dinner last night with several different
speakers - talking about Young Life - an organization
that teaches adolescents about God.
One speaker got up at the end that brought me to utter tears.
He was talking about Young Life and how he's been trying to spread
God's message over the last 30 years.
And then he put up a slide of a smiling boy - he was in mid air - riding
on a rope swing - he was probably 12.
And the speaker started to privately cry - that cry that you hold in - but you
know it goes so deep.
And I knew. Immediately.
This was his son and he was no longer with us.
I cry now even writing this because I hurt for the dad.  For their family.
Why do things like this happen?  I know there are reasons we don't
know, as we are not supposed to - we are supposed to believe that
this is for a reason - the Man Upstairs' reason - and we are to trust, to have faith
in why it's happening.  But how??????
In an instant nothing mattered but my family.
Yesterday was a sh** day and all of it disappeared, in an instant.
I just wanted to get home and hold my family.
It was a reminder how precious this life is - and how we can get
distracted from that - thru fears of health, parenting, happiness, work...
the list goes on.
Last night re-centered me - I hope this story will re-center you.

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