Last Week October 21 2019, 0 Comments

Well last week was "one of those weeks"
where you just have to push thru. 
You know those weeks? Or maybe months? 
Hopefully not years, but maybe that too.
It was hard to be friendly at times. It was hard to smile at times.
It was hard to be patient and it was hard to listen.
I guess everything just seemed hard.  Does that make sense?
So I tried to smile and I tried to be friendly.
I tried to be patient with chatters and answered my phone
even thought I didn't want to talk.  
Got thru it and feeling stronger.
Anyway I kept thinking of this quote - it's been in my Bible
for years and as much as I try to be this person I constantly fail at it.
BUT it is a good one to try and live by and thought I'd share in 
the event you could use it.
"True character of a person is seen not in the momentary heroics
but in the day to day living."