Moments March 03 2020, 0 Comments

I woke up the other day...
Not as in from sleeping but I woke up as 
in I saw some things the other day or I guess
realized some things I hadn't realized the day before.
My niece wrote about moments and how life
is full of series of moments (very profound for a 17 year old).
I realized how important every moment is.
Literally every. single. moment.
I think I have been moving so fast for so long since
the girls were born and these businesses were created that it's been 
hard to slow down enough to realize these moments are 
fleeting - and they start to go reaaallll fast.
That's a big part of it - the speed of it all.  It truly does 
speed up the older you become.
 I don't know if I would change things as a life full of regrets is pointless
and my life's moments have each built on eachother
but to have the newfound awareness is really nice.
If you can, slow down and try to see things as moments instead of days.
Moments instead of hours.
Moments instead of minutes.
They are moments and they each make up
a part of your life.