December 20, 2018

It's such an interesting time right now.
There is so much joy, gratitude, blessings
but wrapped into all of those things are moments of mourning.
People dying and mourning their loss.
Friends parents getting sick & mourning their new reality.
Children becoming teens & morning their childish ways.
Teens becoming adults & mourning their teenage years (kind of :))
Family realizing that family might be different than
what you thought or pictured.
It's not a permanent mourning but it is
a gut punch, a sadness, a time for reflection & memories.
And then life continues.
If you choose to, you can embrace the memories.
Embrace the people that were once & are no longer.
Embrace what is rather than what you thought or wished.
It feels like I've all of a sudden really hit adulthood.
I know I know - I'm 44 - I've been an adult for quite sometime.
But today felt different.

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