My neighbor... February 20 2019, 0 Comments

I was with two ladies last night who I admire and just love - 
Debbie Baxter of Baxter Design Group
And Belinda Nixon of Riccio
We talked and talked and I feel like I walked away with 
more wisdom & insight into so many roads of life right now.
I just loved it.
But I was telling them a story about my sweet neighbor who is
in her 80's & talk about wisdom -
she is about as sharp as they come! 
Anyway, after hearing Debbie said I should include this in my blog - so here it is!
My neighbor had called to leave me a belated message & her message included the following LOL (Lesson on Life - I just made that up - love it!)
She said...
"Courtney I had every intention on calling earlier but
the day got away from me and so on and so forth"
And then she said...
"And so you know, I've learned that if you tell
people about your intentions you can usually get away with a lot more"
So true, right???
Wanted to share!