March 17, 2020

I was talking to a friend the other night about
how, in my opinion, everything circles back to nature.
Seriously, we can learn so much if we stop & look at nature.
I was giving her an example of how relationships are like vines...
if you see the base of the vine it is one stalk...but then if you watch
how the vine grows sometimes it grows apart, but then it comes back together again.  I think some relationships are like this & in 
my opinion its ok - it's natural.  
I also just read a blog that reminded me of bleak times.
Right now is really weird to me - my routine has been tossed in the air, kids are all-around me, my house is dirtier than I like it - all of it, it's just not the norm.  But if we turn to nature - to how winter things are bare, a bit bleak, but then Spring rolls in - I mean look around - everything is so ALIVE! I love it - the flowers are incredible, the colors even more so - so during this "bleak" time remember it will come to an end and the flowers will spring up as they always do.
- xoxo

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