Old school Ralph February 14 2019, 0 Comments

I remember riding in the backseat of 
my parents car at night & staring out the window.
I was so intrigued to see inside of other peoples homes.
Not in a creepy way, but in a more creative way.
I hoped to get a glimpse of the set up, the fabrics, the lighting.
It was the same feeling I got when I would look into those old doll
houses - you know, the ones that had electricity?
There was something magical about it.
I came across some old turquoise jewelry recently and it brought
me back to those days.  I'll call them the "Old School Ralph Days" .
Ralph, as in Ralph Lauren circa 1980.
Now looking back, there was/is something magical, fond
about those memories.
Those florals. That hunter green and plaid combo.
Horses, denim and turquoise - I mean WTF?
Why is it that this is what is embedded in my brain?
Not historical facts I learned in school.
Not biblical facts I learned in confirmation class.
But fabrics, textiles and turquoise.
Crazy right?
But I'm ok with it - actually, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Enjoy a little glimpse into these memories...