Out Of Africa February 05 2020, 0 Comments

Watched Out of Africa the other night with my 14year old.
It's a classic and I wanted to share it with her.
Thank goodness she loved it!  Made me happy...
She didn't think Robert Redford was as handsome as I thought, 
but she liked the movie and Meryl's acting.
There is a scene when Robert Redford comes back to visit Meryl
after being gone awhile.
Meryl was explaining to him that when he's gone she 
thinks back to all the good memories and how difficult it is for her when he's gone.
She continues to explain that she'll even push herself to allow one more
memory when she thinks she can't take it anymore just to remind herself 
she can take them, that she will be ok even though it is so difficult.
This reminded me of life - my life right now.
If you read my blog you are probably well aware that I have my own 
struggles as everyone does.  Somehow mine seem to be all clumping
together, which I'd rather not prefer, but trust God and remind myself this is his path for me and to try not to compare.
But after watching this scene, it made me realize how strong I have become recently.  Sometimes strength comes to us when we least expect it - sometimes we don't even know we are strengthening until we slow down and look up and realize - 
DAMNNNNN, that was hard, but I did it.
Meryl was a stud - a type of woman I hope to be - she endured, she continued 
and she ultimately was ok.
If you've never watched Out of Africa - turn it on NOW!!!  
It's a good one.