Proverbs 31

June 07, 2018

So each morning I try (try is the key word here :))
to have some quiet time.  I'll make coffee & sit in the same chair
& listen to the birds wake up.  Then the damn dogs scratch on the door
& I have to start all the way over.  Classic.
Anyway, I also try to read three things - Jesus Calling For Kids (yes for kids
but it makes sense to me), Proverbs 31 and a verse or two out of the Bible.
Most days I'll get a nugget from one of these resources.
Todays nugget came from Proverbs 31.
It was talking about forgiveness.  
It said something that I've heard before but for some reason this morning
it really resonated with me.
" Forgiveness isn’t saying that what the person did was right, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you reconcile. But forgiveness does mean you’re going to let go of the angry resentment, give the person to God and live free. Remember, the only person we hurt when we choose not to forgive is ourselves."
Love this.  
Check out their website - you can sign up for daily devotions.
Could be a great start to your day...?

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