Random Act Of Kindness... May 21 2019, 0 Comments

It's so easy to get and stay in our own heads, right?
Well, I do it often. And then I get stuck untttiiillll 
a few things happen.
A) A friend/family member calls and needs an ear or advice
B) Someone/something reminds you how much else is "going on out there"
C) Articles, blogs, emails, etc
D) Nature
E) God taps you on the shoulder (which could be from any of the above)
F) Or when you stumble upon a website that talks about kindness!!
This is what happened to me a few months ago.
I was on a site that said "send a random act of kindness on us"
and then you clicked on a button and could send a sample
perfume from the company to a friend - I loved it so much I copied the idea!!
I have no shame with this one - I got so inspired
I decided to do the same on my site
Who doesn't like a little extra kindness, love, thoughtfulness, etc, etc...
So I hope this new feature works - all you do is click on the link below
and it will guide you to input a friend, family member, co worker, etc's info
and you can send them a $10 gift card from us to enjoy!
Spread the love!!!