Reboot April 10 2019, 0 Comments

So I can get pretty wound up.
All of a sudden problem A has grown to problem Z
in a matter of 2 minutes - literally.
It's something I've struggled with over the years but
with raising kids it has become apparent that I am still
struggling bigtime.  
So I'm winding up a few days ago on the phone with my husband - 
I'm venting and talking and then the tears start to come and come and come.  John, bless his heart, is quiet, he's listening and listening.
Finally I get it all out and he says:
"Court, you know what...I think you need to reboot"
And ONCE AGAIN he was right and reminded me of something
so simple that I had gotten really far from.
I just needed to reboot.
You know when your computer gets stuck or a feature on your Sonos
isn't working correctly?  You can do one of two things - you can
go insane trying to fix it - oooorrrrr - you can just "reboot" - 
and it starts working again.  But somehow I always forget to do this.
So if you are reading this and having one of those moments, days, weeks - what have you - try rebooting.  
It helps!