Self Talk July 19 2019, 1 Comment

Sooooo I threw out a bad word last night
to my daughter…I just got so angry and the next thing I knew - BAM I said it. I immediately knew it was wrong but I just got so mad.  Well I apologized and we moved on but I noticed this morning how much I was mentally beating my self up.  I was on the Pelaton and the instructor was talking about self love, gratitude and trials.  And I noticed as I was listening that I was completely focusing on the negative, on the past. I was the worst mom and good moms don’t do things like that.
And then something clicked and I realized ok- so I messed up.  But it’s not the end of the world. I had a brand new day/world in front of me and a chance AGAIN to turn the incident into a teachable moment. 
And I was able to let it go.
Why are we so hard on ourselves? 
Everything we hear that we relate to, or at least that I relate to, is the gift of imperfection.
The blessing of a skinned knee.
Its how we learn and most of all grow.
But sometimes I find it hard to remember these nuggets
that allow us to forgive ourselves. 
You know?