Sitting with your thoughts

January 10, 2020

A friend recently was struggling with 
something.  It was a consistent struggle and each
time the struggle surfaced she would turn her actions towards something
that was unhealthy.  This was a way for her to avoid the internal struggle.
I guess it is/was a distraction. 
A way to feel in control when she was feeling out of control.
She is getting help with this and recently we were talking about it.
I asked her what had been the most impactful with this new approach.
She responded with -
"I am having to sit with my thoughts and not do anything with them"
For some reason this made an impact on me.
I think it did because this is not an easy thing to do.
And it is something I usually avoid - I guess most of us do.
It's like the old saying - get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Easier said - harder to do.

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