TED February 01 2018, 0 Comments

Do you ever listen to TED Talks - if you don't - start!
I have an app on my phone and listen during a workout, on a road trip, etc Makes the time go by and you can usually learn something new as well.
So this morning I stumbled on 
"The gift and power of emotional courage"
Check it out here.
I think what stood out the most is the reminder that
discomfort is ok.  In fact it is healthy and essential to having growth and meaning in life.
It's hard to "be in" discomfort - I think our natural reaction is to run from it.
But after listening to this I was reminded that if you can sit and 
learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable
there is a power that can come from it.
Anyway, enough analyzing.  Hope you can find the time to listen!