Teens November 06 2019, 0 Comments

So I have read and heard that teens
really get into themselves - it's all about them.
Totally get it.
But I was having a convo with my girls recently when
they were focusing on their hair, makeup etc...
I kept saying - "girls make sure and not to forget about your inside"  - 
And then one of them came up to me later and said "mom I know I shouldn't 
be focused just on my outside but how do I change my thoughts so I'm focusing on other things as well".
I thought about it (shockkkerrrr) and realized once again
I said something so simple that probably wasn't so simple for someone their age.
We can get so focused on things - and we need to snap out of it and redirect
but it can be hard.
I think it's a two fold step - 1) recognize your focus is in one spot and 2) redirect it 
I don't know...I totally get her question and I guess am still trying to figure it out as well.