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September 30, 2019

So if you read this blog you know that I 
write about my experiences of mothering teenagers 
quite often.  Well the latest that I have found
difficult is helping them navigate thru
texting.  One of my daughters is more sensitive than
the other.  She get's texts and then responds and sometimes
will ask if her response was ok.  I try to be neutral & direct her to 
more general responses because you never know how the person on 
the other end will interpret the text without hearing the tone in your voice.
But I've got to tell you, I'll read responses she gets sometimes & obviously I can't hear the voice, but my gut is 
they can sometimes seem very curt.
What is even more difficult is that these girls will text in huge
groups - so when you respond you are 
"putting yourself out there" at times...especially depending on 
the subject.
Anyway I started thinking about this (shockerrrr)
and was thinking once again how hard it is to be a teenager right now.
I mean it will either make you really tough or it can crush you.
We only had to deal with a bad look at school or someone not sitting next to 
us at the lunch table or on the playground.
But if you are growing up now you never escape it.
You come home and there is a continuum of vulnerabilities if you 
are on your phone or computer - which is about 99% of the time
for these kids.
It breaks my heart but it is what it is.
I don't know what the hell I am doing with all this parenting - I feel
like every day there is something new that comes up that stumps me 
because it's a first for me too. 
I just keep coming back to
"people don't define you, you define you"
but I think it is easier said than done when it's constantly in your face.

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