The Poop Bag

February 18, 2020

I just made up a riddle - 
What do poop bags & recyclable grocery bags have in common?
They are always left at home!
So question...when you walk your dog & forget your poop bag - what do you do?
1) Do you act like you are checking your texts or looking up at the sky 
and "didn't notice"?
2)Do you do the "fake pick up" where you bend down to pretend
you are picking it up hoping no one notices you don't have a bag?
3) Do you walk away cursing at your dog so in the case the homeowner or
neighbor is judging you at least they will know you are aware & as frustrated as they probably are - but you have no intention on going back for the post pick up
4) Do you get the dogs home, get a bag and go back and pick it up?
I feel like this could be a Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm episode...
Would love to take a survey of what most people do.
I did #3 this morning and I'm feeling really guilty about it.

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