West Texas

March 03, 2020

West Texas
You know what I love...
now looking back?
I love how you can go your whole life not
knowing something about yourself and then one day
that all changes.  In a good way.
Almost 20 years (did I really just type that???) ago my husband introduced me
to West Texas - Marathon, Texas - to be exact.
I fell in love.  Truly.
There is a curve in the road on the drive to Marathon - right before 
Sanderson - about an hour outside of Marathon - and I can feel 
my whole body relax and a smile come on my face.
The windows are down & the songs we play for our ride
to Marathon flood the speakers.  Especially this song:
It has become a part of me & I know 
for John and the girls now too.
In particular The Gage Hotel.
I think I want to celebrate our 20th anniversary there in a few years.
Probably ought to clear that one with Johnny (LOL :))
Anyway if you haven't gone out there - go.
Let me warn you - it's out in the middle of nowhere.  
It's a drive - and the first three hours are mundane.
But after that - the roads open up & calmness embraces from 
all angles.
The Gage has an amazing courtyard where you can read, daydream & just chill.
The rocking chairs on the front porch of the hotel where a coffee in hand
allows you to enjoy those West Texas blue, blue skies & chilly mornings.
The White Buffalo Bar - cozy and comfy - make sure and look up to notice the 
ceiling details.
I just love it all. 

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