Your Tribe

January 10, 2020

Well life has presented some challenges recently...I’m starting to think that is just part of this journey.
But anyway it has and we're getting thru it - but dammmnnn - it's been
a challenge.
My husband and I were talking about how much we have appreciated
our friends and family stepping in - I mean REALLY stepping in.
Bullock with her food.
Belinda with her organization.
Mar with her check ins - 
Chel with her "whatever you need" attitude.
I think of my girlfriends as my tribe during times like this.
Because they just come together, hold you tight and help you so you
can save your energy, your strength to fight the fight.
Seeing everyone reach out made me think - do I reach out enough 
when people I love have struggled?
And then I thought even further (shocker!) got to stop thinking so much - 
but anyway, maybe it takes going thru tough situations to know what others need
because you knew what you needed.
I guess you don't know until you go (or have gone) right?
Anyway, just feeling really grateful today!!!

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