You're Not Alone February 09 2020, 0 Comments

Pulled up to school to pick up the girls 
and it was "just one of those days".
My friend Tracy (who by the way is a very talented artist here in 
SA - check her art here:
Came up to the window and we started chatting and I started to talk about the day, etc and she said something that I think we all need to hear ALL the time...she said :
"Ohhhh Court, you are not alone"
It's funny, but that was all I needed to hear.
I feel like struggles in life can you make you often feel alone, like you are the
only one going thru them and everyone else is doing just fine - right?  Because they look like all is fine - and hopefully they are, but it is just nice to hear that we are not alone - it's nice to be reminded of that.
Thanks Trace!