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The Poop Bag February 18 2020, 0 Comments

I just made up a riddle - 
What do poop bags & recyclable grocery bags have in common?
They are always left at home!
So question...when you walk your dog & forget your poop bag - what do you do?
1) Do you act like you are checking your texts or looking up at the sky 
and "didn't notice"?
2)Do you do the "fake pick up" where you bend down to pretend
you are picking it up hoping no one notices you don't have a bag?
3) Do you walk away cursing at your dog so in the case the homeowner or
neighbor is judging you at least they will know you are aware & as frustrated as they probably are - but you have no intention on going back for the post pick up
4) Do you get the dogs home, get a bag and go back and pick it up?
I feel like this could be a Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm episode...
Would love to take a survey of what most people do.
I did #3 this morning and I'm feeling really guilty about it.

Funerals February 18 2020, 0 Comments

One of our dear friends mother passed away
last week.  
The funeral was yesterday & the family honored her so was beautiful.
I don't know about you but after funerals I start to think of 
mine - what mine would be like.  
Maybe that's nuts, maybe I'm sharing to much.  
But I do think about it.
One thing I do know is that I have got to get my act together!!!
I think someone could sum up my life in about a minute..
Somehow I need to add some time onto my eulogy...
Kind of joking but also it has made me think of what is important
at the end of our lives.
And wouldn't you know it - it always comes down to about the same few things:
And embarrassing stories that people might remember about you...
But seriously - what a way to like you're dying. 
Such a good reminder.

Fiesta Medal 2020 February 18 2020, 0 Comments

Last year The TF came out with it's first Fiesta Medal 
(which I can't believe I did because not being from San Antonio
the whole medal thing is kind of odd for me) but I do love 
how passionate people are for them.
So one of the gals that works for me (thank you Jackie)
came up with the idea of doing a medal.  So we had one of our fav artists -
Dolan Geiman-
collaborate with us to create one last year.
Well people loved them - it was awesome!
So we decided to do another one this year with local artist - Kathy Sosa - 
I just love Kathy - we have shown her work in The TF and I have also had the 
privilege of working with her for a piece for my home.
So (drum rolls please) is a glimpse of this years medal!
We hope you like it as much as we do!

Clever February 18 2020, 0 Comments

How clever is this....
they used a round magnet to hold utensils...

Diamonds... February 18 2020, 0 Comments

My good friend Annie told me a quote 
the other day and I told her "I'm blogging this bad boy!"
It's a good one...
"A diamond can be cut in a million different
ways and still sparkle"
Love it.

Miracles From Heaven February 11 2020, 0 Comments

A few nights ago one of the gals wanted to 
re-watch the movie Miracles from Heaven
It is such a beautiful movie & extremely moving.
I don't want to give away to much in the event you are
going to watch it but it's about faith & how we can question/doubt
our faith during trials.
Why is this happening?  Why would "he" let this happen?
Where are you when I need you most?
All those questions.
I read this quote the other morning...
"The testing of faith produces perseverance"
Love that.
Try to's worth it!

Cocina De Coco February 11 2020, 0 Comments

Ok....I have been using some recipes recently
from local - Courtney Cavender Smith - called
Cocina De Coco
People....they are killer!
Easy and depths of flavor...can't explain it - you just need to try some
Find them here!
I made this one last was so good.  
Took me probably 20 minutes max - whole fam liked it.

Color February 09 2020, 0 Comments

Ok, so I really do not like color.
I mean my house is all neutral and my clothes
are usually denim, black or white.  Every now and then 
I like a good 'ole Kelly green color.
But I came across this pottery and woahhhh - I love it I love it!
Trying to get it in - keep the fingers crossed!

You're Not Alone February 09 2020, 0 Comments

Pulled up to school to pick up the girls 
and it was "just one of those days".
My friend Tracy (who by the way is a very talented artist here in 
SA - check her art here:
Came up to the window and we started chatting and I started to talk about the day, etc and she said something that I think we all need to hear ALL the time...she said :
"Ohhhh Court, you are not alone"
It's funny, but that was all I needed to hear.
I feel like struggles in life can you make you often feel alone, like you are the
only one going thru them and everyone else is doing just fine - right?  Because they look like all is fine - and hopefully they are, but it is just nice to hear that we are not alone - it's nice to be reminded of that.
Thanks Trace!

Good one February 05 2020, 0 Comments

Good one, right??

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