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Details April 16 2019, 0 Comments

I could study this picture for hours...
there are so many things going on but somehow
it still seems calming to me.
That's talent.

New Quote April 16 2019, 0 Comments

Love, love, love this one...gave it to my 13 year old the other day
"Take a deep's just a bad day, not a bad life"

Reboot April 10 2019, 0 Comments

So I can get pretty wound up.
All of a sudden problem A has grown to problem Z
in a matter of 2 minutes - literally.
It's something I've struggled with over the years but
with raising kids it has become apparent that I am still
struggling bigtime.  
So I'm winding up a few days ago on the phone with my husband - 
I'm venting and talking and then the tears start to come and come and come.  John, bless his heart, is quiet, he's listening and listening.
Finally I get it all out and he says:
"Court, you know what...I think you need to reboot"
And ONCE AGAIN he was right and reminded me of something
so simple that I had gotten really far from.
I just needed to reboot.
You know when your computer gets stuck or a feature on your Sonos
isn't working correctly?  You can do one of two things - you can
go insane trying to fix it - oooorrrrr - you can just "reboot" - 
and it starts working again.  But somehow I always forget to do this.
So if you are reading this and having one of those moments, days, weeks - what have you - try rebooting.  
It helps!

Challenges April 03 2019, 0 Comments

So many people in my life are hitting challenges.
I mean - everyyyoonnee.  
Kids. Spouses. Jobs. Surgery. Loss. Parents. Life. 
It's just challenging at times.  It's just part of it. 
I think something about age just allows you to see it, recognize it
and then give it a wink and conquer it. 
I mean what else can you do???
A friend of mine gave me this card awhile back - thought I'd share!!!

The Tobin Center April 03 2019, 0 Comments

My husband bought me tickets
to a National Geographic speaker series
at The Tobin Center - we just saw our second speaker - 
was fascinating...David Guttenfelder spoke - check out his photos here
the Tobin also announced that it will be continuing this series - get tickets if you
can - definitely worth it.
Here is one of David's photos  - love his work.

Vessel March 21 2019, 0 Comments

Saw this installation being constructed last month in NY - 
If you get the chance check it out.  It's super cool.
Better in person.

He's done it again!!! March 20 2019, 0 Comments

Cannot wait to meet this guy and his wife on April 18th at the store!!
We are hosting a "Meet the Artist" from 5pm - 8pm - so swing by!
Dolan Geiman you are one talented man - I am freaking over your new piece!!

Glasses March 20 2019, 1 Comment

I meet with a group of women once a week to discuss our faith.
We call it Bible Study, but it is more of a Study of Life
thru the lens of our faith.
Some of these women I've been studying with for years now. 
Since the kiddos were babies - crazy to think about.
When we first started I don't think any of us wore glasses while we read
our Bibles.  Today I looked around and all but one had glasses on - 
perched on their heads, hanging low on their noses -
colors of turquoise, red and black.  
It made me smile.
It also made me so thankful for them, for this group.
Today's question that really stuck with me was what does your heart look like?
If you had to describe your heart - how would you?
I had a recent experience with a family member where if I described
my heart in the moment it would have been grey. cold. hard.  I was mad.
My daughter called me out on heart - which broke my heart.
It also gave me the chance to turn my heart around.
I choose love instead of anger and apologized.
And guess what?
It felt so flipping good.
It was almost as if I could feel my heart turning back to how God
wants it to be - pink. warm and soft.
You see we all mess up - at least I do - bigtime.
Thats part of being human.  I think what sets us apart and where
the real growth comes in is when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, 
human and try again - try to be better again.
I'm grateful for the discussion with this group this morning.
And grateful too that I had glasses to follow along with the reading!

Cover Up March 16 2019, 0 Comments

Wore this cover up to the beach the other day - 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line.
I hand wash every piece and they just get softer each time.
We just got a new delivery in so swing by and check
it out or message us and we'll send you deets.
All hand made in India.

Shame on Me March 16 2019, 0 Comments

I've had this quote in my head for a few days now.
I was in a situation recently where I didn't want to be
and where I had been before.
I started to get frustrated and upset.
It's so easy to blame others when that happens.
But then I realized - this was my doing.
I let this happen again.
Shame on me.  I knew better but didn't do better.
Next time I will.  Especially when this quote enters my mind:

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