Paper Prints

Brown Walnut Magnetic Frame

The perfect minimal framing for our collage paper prints, or an art print you may already have at home! Handmade by Dolan, the hand cut paper collage artist himself. This frame features slim walnut wood pieces that magnetize on the top and bottom of the print itself. High strength magnets line the inside of the two components, comes ready to hang with a heavy duty nylon string!

Available in the following sizes:

17”W frame for a 16”W x 20”H print (what’s pictured)

25”W frame for a 24”W x 30”H print

27”W frame for a 26”W x 14 1/2”H print

33”W frame for a 32”W x 40”H print

37”W frame for a 36”W x 36”H print

44”W frame for 42”W x 23 1/4”H print

57”W frame for a 56”W x 30”H print

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