About Us

Upon moving to San Antonio, Texas in 2003 Courtney couldn't find what she was looking for.

She was seeking a store that felt organic, clean.

One that was full of linen, cotton, stripes, and glimpses of color.

A store that blared Los Lobos, Van Morrison, Springsteen, and Miles Davis.

It didn't exist.

So she created it.

The Tiny Finch is a lifestyle store born out of Courtney's tactile desire to create a space with a feel that resonated with her. Since it's inception in 2013 she has expanded The Tiny Finch's offerings to include jewelry, letterpress, silver, art, furniture, zebra, indigo…the list goes on. “Don’t underestimate the emotional value of ‘stuff.’ Granted, money can’t buy happiness, but a lavender candle can calm your space, a striped Bolivian blanket can make you feel at home and a white linen shirt can definitely make you smile".

We hope you like what we have.  We definitely do.

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